The Last Moon



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I was just a normal teenager; my parents, Arthur is a Doctor and my Mom Elena is a housewife. My life suddenly changed after my family moved into the town called Vale. After moving in this town, I started to have recurring dreams of an enchanted place, powerful beings and a dragon dying in my arms. And on my 16th birthday, the strangest thing happened I started hearing my pet talking, telling me that they are my guardians and I am special.

Rahul is half dragon half human; he has been living and dying over the past 6 centuries. Rahul is in search of his original dragon form which was hidden from him after he was cursed.

On the first full moon after her 16th birthday, Halea while bathing in the lake on foot of the waterfall Unda after touched by the moonlight she shines brighter than the moon which captured Rahul’s attention. To his amazement, he went to see her from afar and thinking that she’s drowning he swims to rescue her and when he touched her, he for the first time in over the past 6 centuries he shifted to his original dragon form bringing out the ancient Baconava (Snake sea serpent dragon of the East).

What relation does, Rahul had with Halea? Is she the answer to find his real identity?
Who is this man? And why do I dream of this dragon dying in my arms?

What fate awaits in their meeting?
Are they destined to kill each other? Or are they destined to be in each other arms?


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Chapter 58: The Orange Sky

Armeo laughs at Hermano's comment on the food, "Well we all have different taste buds and some fruits are made differently. I hope that make sense," he said and looked at Halea and Adrienne.

"That's true! I hope the food here is not similar to the Fae realm," Halea said

 How does this realm differs from the Fae realm?" Adreanne ……


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