Entangled With You (B X B)


monjulee LGBT+

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Placed in Korean society, a story that Minjun never knew would ever happen to his life. He tried his best not to be a figure who stood out or be someone that people could easily see amongst the crowd. He was an ordinary teen. At least it was what he tried to be. Thanks to his parents, it became an impossible thing for him. Their influence was much bigger than a simple teen's brain could ever process. Minjun realised the fact too much later.

Way too late. Even after he lost Hyemi, hated Yunjin to the bone, then wishing to touch Jisun. Minjun was already walking too far, forgetting that to others he could never be an ordinary teen. That trying to be the same with them was only an excuse for him to be an egoistic bastard, hurting people.

If only. If only he gave a little bit more attention to where he was coming from, maybe at least wishing to be with Jisun wouldn't be this hard. Wouldn't be a sin.

Author's Note : Because the story is set in South Korea, I will try to make this story have all aspects that will make it feel like being in a Korean society or environment. It might be not perfect but I hope it still could show you pretty much what I wanted to deliver. 

Disclaimer :
- If you find the same names or events, I assure you that it is a pure coincidence.
- This story is based purely on my imagination
- Similar works are purely coincidental
- This is a work of fiction, any names, events, etc mentioned are purely fictitious
- This has nothing to do with the portrayers used
- I did some research on how to make this more realistic but also dramatic at the same time for entertainment purposes only

If you find this story on another platform, please don't hesitate to inform me or report the account. I only posted this story on Stary or Dreame.


Tags: second chancefriends to loversbadboystudentdramatragedybxbboldhighschoolslice of life
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Chapter 40 - Thank you

Once Minjun opened his heavy eyes, what he saw was nothing but blurry images, so blurry that he couldn’t make out what it was in front of him. Was it the ceiling? He rolled his eyes to take in his surroundings. Where was he? Minjun didn’t remember ever visiting this… room. He was sure his own bedroom was never designed like this, too prim, too b……


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