The Heiress


Seraphina Cartier Romance

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Our family is cursed. It attracts people and blinds them slowly. People get crazy when they knows how much power and authority our family has. Those greedy people, they wanted it. But they can never get it, because they're nothing like us.

But slowly, I'm getting tired of this games. I want to end them.

"I want to be happy, but something inside me screams I don't deserve it. I'm a villain of this story-I don't deserve a happy ending"

oh my, why i'm so dramatic


Tags: billionairerevengedarkpossessivearrogantdominantmanipulativepowerfuldramatwistedStary Writing Academy III
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Born into a reputable and highly respected family with a loving parents who always doted her, growing up with annoying yet protective brothers and living in the house that is always crowded yet warm and peaceful — her life was so perfect. Her family was a perfect powerful family, because no one dares to challenge them even they want to be them a……


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