Fated To Marry You

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Rithu a 23-year, smart, sweet and lovely person. A girl having an average talent with a kind heart, she doesn't know the world beyond her family, and she doesn't have any great expectations for her future. Her only thought about life is to be happy and wish everyone to be happy around her and that is the only thing she ever wants.
In her simple yet perfect life, an unexpected yet expected thing called marriage came onto the scene.

Vikram a 31-year old guy, a handsome, hardworking businessman with an aloof and rude nature. An honest man who doesn't compromise his decision for anyone or anything. He had an ill-fated past that made him strong and at the same time turned him arrogant. But he can be the kindest person in the entire world for the person he loves.

They're arranged to get married by their parents, though they lived under the same roof they are miles apart. Vikram decided not to open his heart to her and Rithu hated his introvert nature.
But what happens when they are touched by divine love. It made their hearts to come closer and understand each other. Unknowingly they developed a strong bond beeen them. As time moves, will they realize that they're in love?

To know that let's travel in this sweet, romantic, and heararming journey of a couple who found an unconditional love after Marriage.


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