Scent of Blood [Lesbian Story]

Czymishe Feinhollow Paranormal

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'The boundary beeen Life and Death are at best, shadowy and vague. Who shall say where one ends and the other beg?'

Cursed by the moon and trained to the bone, Athena was the perfect assassin. With every kill she made, her emotions disappeared, further succumbing to the life of a killer. With the blood of the beast, she determines everyone through their blood; the stench of it defines them as what they are - be it human or another, target or foe, innocent or pretentious liars. Her strength increases with each passing hour, slowly losing herself to the thrill of the hunt and the life of a killer.

All was perfect until she made a mistake - one that almost cost her very life. Unexpectedly, she retained her life from the courtesy of Michelle Harper, whose blood she cannot define.

Will this unexpected turn of events change her stone cold heart? Or will she let herself be consumed by the scent of her blood?


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Scent of Blood