Grow with the Flow

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SIS (Social Issue Series) #1: Objectifying Women

Over protectiveness of boyfriends are often romanticized as cute and caring nowadays. To the point that some ladies fail to live their lives to the fullest just to satisfy their men's ecurities and the likes.

Pero kung ikaw si Nayeli Reese P. Eusebio, you'll probably say that you've had enough of those kinds of bullshit. Nari had been deprived of a normal life for her 17 years of existence. She never had a chance to step out of the four corners of their house and experience what common people usually do due to unfortunate circumstances that involves her personal family issues. So when she had the opportunity to finally get out from that nightmare, she promised herself, and her brother that wishes her nothing but happiness, that she will bring out the best in her as she strives to achieve her goals.

But when Colton Jace R. Octavio gets into the picture, Nari felt things that she never felt before. Unexplainable feelings that are enough to confuse and distract her from her goals. Colton's dream was just to grow old with her while Nari's was for them to grow individually together.

When love gets in the way of your dreams, is it possible to grow with the flow?


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