bella adah Romance

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Warning: mature content and language!!!!!
This book conta intense s****l scenes. Be warned.

I always read books since a young age, I read all kinds of books. At age fifteen I stumbled upon a b**m book and it opened my imagination, awakening s****l fantasies that I knew wouldn't be fulfilled or acted upon but the cravings deepened, haunting and stalking me.....

Until he came and made my deepest fantasies come true.
Bringing to life, my imagination, in the best possible way he could.........

But what if it led to something else.... will I be able to bring his own fantasies to life. Will I be able to make him whole again...will our Love win all trials of life?


Tags: BDSMpossessivesadisticarrogantdominantsubmissivekinkybossbxg
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