His Ruthless Desire II

Aliza Jabri Other

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Malik Taimur Jahaan had found a perfect life partner in Alia. They are blessed with three beautiful sons. But they both long for a daughter, their happily ever after is interrupted when Taimur finds out he has a daughter from a past relationship with Eva Smith

Eva Smith is living a lonely life after Taimur had sent her packing away from his life until she met Mateo Rodriguez, and they got married. Eva is perfectly happy with Mateo when the thing she most dreads about becomes a reality. Taimur is back in her life and this time he wants his daughter.

Taimur and Eva battle it out for the custody of their daughter Emma as a threat from the past linger over their heads. The war beeen them is affecting their marriage and their spouses find it hard to ignore the sparks that still fly beeen Eva and Taimur. They both are shocked to find out Taimur and Eva never got over each other.

Who will get the custody of their daughter? Will this bring them close or will it result in the death of one of them?

Read to know.

Published on 6th March 2020


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