My Highschool Bully

Seline Rose Brighton King LGBT+

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This is the story of o guys who are first best friends, then enemies,then lovers...
Maxwell Santiago
I am your average high school student. My life is a complete cliche. My high school life is pretty non-existent just like my dating life....probably because nobody wants to date a "fag" in the words of an egotistical dirtball a.k.a my ex-best friend Demetri Valentino or now you could say my greatest tormentor and my bully.He used to be my best friend but now he is my biggest enemy. He always teases me about the fact that I am gay and nobody could love me.....but I don't care what he says or his god-forsaken "squad" says because i know that there are people who do care about me...I have o really wonderful and supportive parents and an amazing little sister. But to be completely honest, it hurts a little when he bullies me........because i just have this teeny-tiny crush on him.
Demetri Valentino
I am the son of the world's biggest corporate lawyer. My father keeps pushing me to become a corporate lawyer just like him but I have a different dream....I want to become the greatest musician in the whole world but nobody knows about this because nobody really wants to know the real me. All everybody sees me for is the money, the cars and the luxurious parties. I was raised by my father and was told not to show emotions and that's what I do and good at.The only person who could see through my facade was my best friend Max..but now he is the person I bully the most. I don't know why I am so attracted to him and want to be next to him all the time......maybe I like him but I am not attracted to guys.....


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