Covid-19 ( our love story )

Neha Kanade Romance

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I wrote many stories but this story is real and heartbreaking please read and share your views. Real life story of Sofia and Antonio who worked as nurses in Italy . They left their small kids ( cara and lia) with their grandparents when coronavirus outbreak in Italy and spend day and night working at hospital . Since then they never seen their kids to avoid chances of getting them infected . While treating patient with virus , Antonio got infected with virus , but this doesn’t break their determination of Sofia to help the patient , neither did Antonio stopped her from working in hospital . They kept their duty higher then their family obligations . Week later Sofia also got infected with virus , but hospital was out of beds and isolation wards . Sofia had some medical condition so chances of her recovery were feeble . They kept themselves in isolation , days later they got call from hospital that they have a bed for one patient. Antonio isted Sofia to get admitted , but she doesn’t want to leave her husband to die in vain . Few days later they both died holding each other hand , looking after each other , caressing each other . They never got a chance to hug their kids for final goodbye .
Cara and lia lost their parents
Couple lost each other
Hospital lost patriotic nurses
But we people lost compassion , lost their minds
These brave people are risking their life to save life of stupid people like us , who are not listening to them and roaming out freely on roads.

This story is the little tribute to all those Covid-19 fighters who lost their lives because of us.


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