Romance of Light & Night: Across Two Worlds

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WARNING: 21++ For Some Chapters
"If you were asked to choose beeen controlling the world or saving your loved ones, which one would you choose, your royal highness, Prince White?"

"The answer is clear. I will choose HER."

"Even though that means destroying the world? Just for Aya?"

Cahaya, often known as Aya, was the only hope and future of the almost extinct Mahaa People who lost their own homes.

Alexander Angkasa, Aya’s uncle, protected Aya from the world that threatened Aya's life. Their lives were full of threats and wars created by those who were hungry for power and glory.

This story was about building a collapsing kingdom and a new world with love and hatred.

It beg in the Light Land… when they were sleeping in peace without knowing what would happen next…

Which one will win, power, or love?


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