Devil's Crazy love

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her eyes scream madness, she always looks men with hate and anger, once she was a bubbly girl but life made her ane.

nil, he hurt her every day, he hates her so much, he made her fragile doll, he trained her how to behave, how to walk, how to talk. and she took all the pa without any complaints. and that angered nil more.
in his family, women are not allowed to do anything except pleasuring men, bare their heirs and make food for them. they treat their woman like s**t and hurt them like an animal.

but what nil don't know about her is, that she is the lifeline of someone, someone very dangerous who can do anything for her one smile, what nil don't know about is that he is breaking an already very broken girl who hates men from the depth of her heart.

He pushed me on the bed and hovered over me in a blink, he grabs my waist and thrust ide me very brutally. I tried my best not to scream in pain but it's next to impossible for me. I know my screams encourage him and awoke his beast but I can't do anything now because the damage is done. I love this pain with pleasure. I love it when he hurt me, I love it when he tortures me.

" how * thrust * many* thrust * I told you * thrust * don't deny my demands * thrust " he whispered in my ears, his sweat beats drench me.

Warning ⚠️ mature content, Abusive language
Please don't read if you can't handle


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