You Make Me Perfect

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"You ruined everything, I have kept sacred in my life. You should have killed me than doing this to me! You are nothing but a crazy r*****t!" She hit his broad chest with both of her fists and screamed...
"Listen to me! " catching both her fists in his hand, he said firmly.
But she was not ready to listen! For the first time in her life, she actually felt like killing her self, all because of him.
"I hate you and I curse you! May you never have happiness in your life! May you never find love in your life! " She screamed again.

"No matter what happens, I am here for you. I will take care of you in all the ways I can. I just want you to let me do it!" he said, cuddling the crying girl to his chest. From the bottom of his heart, he meant every word he said.
She was heartbroken and right then, this is what she wanted, cuddling to someone... She found his chest so warm and comfortable...

She is a naive girl who considers education as her first priority, but when she meets o handsome guys at her new campus, her whole life got changed.
o totally different personalities and would she be able to make the right choice beeen them?


Tags: love-triangleopposites attractsecond chancearrogantbadboygoodgirlstudentYA Fiction Writing Contestcampuslove at the first sight
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