Lusted By The Notorious Billionaire

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"I hate you." She breathed as he thrusted himself deeper ide her.

His eyes darkened in anger and pushed himself hard earning a whimper from her.

"You may hate all you want, but your body doesn't, see your pussy is all soaking wet for me and how it clenched my long big cock." He mocked still moving ide her relentlessly. She moaned out loudly.

He thrusted fast and hard, she bit her lower lip in pain.

"Ahhh. Stop or do it slowly." She pleaded in pain, almost out of breath.

But he wasn't doing either of them. He kept going till her body could take.

"I hate you, you are a selfish bastard." She muttered lowly as exhaustion took her over.

"Tell me about it baby." He smirked and pulled away his cock away from her core.

Amanda Harris (22) is a sweet, beautiful, Innocent, bubbly girl with her eyes full of dreams. She struggles hard in her life but smile never leaves her lips, she is optimistic that one day she will be successful.

However, her life was turned upside down when the ruthless, notorious billionaire David William (28) eyed her. He knew tantly that he wanted her. But he didn’t love her; he just lusted for her, lusted for her body.
And there was nothing in the world to stop him getting what he wanted.

David is a ruthless billionaire who can buy the whole country while Amanda has to worry about her next day meal. Will this cruel billionaire will be able to get her? Will she be able to save herself from his vicious claw? Or she will be caged forever in the loveless game of David’s lust?


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