Tales of Zestaria

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"This is the story of how the hunted becomes the hunter. The story wherein the lowest creature becomes the hero who saved the four kingdoms of Zestaria."

In the land of Zestaria where o suns rise and set. Four kingdoms coexist with each other. With the Silver Bloods ride their dragons as they lead their nations, the Red Bloods struggles for power. It has been like this for centuries. From the eastern kingdom of Eliria, an outcast named Safira together with her in Rohan faced the annual coming of age ceremony for all the sixteen years old in the kingdom. Being born from the cursed Red Bloods they either become a rich red blood's slave or to be the Afir.

Being the Afir means death for whoever crossed the wall never makes it back alive. But the gods never answered their prayers; her in brother was selected to be an Afir. Fear stricken, she made a drastic choice. Now she is Rohan Rozenhart the new Afir, chained to guard the kingdom agat what's outside the wall.

Leaving her old self, she faced the unknown but her tale has yet to start when the horrors outside the wall grow stronger each passing day. Sent to conquest to find the people who can only save the land she sets off to search high and low for the Seven Deadly S.


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