Dyah Romance

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As the CEO of Thorton Inc, was Tailani's job to interact with different firms. She just never expected the firm that was in charge of her company's finances, would also be the workplace of the man she lost her virginity to 10 years earlier at a mask party in a dark room. They talked for hours but never saw the other's face. The only reason she recognized him was because of his voice and piercing gray eyes, the same gray eyes that their daughter now possessed.

The problem was, he was the assistant to the assistant of the man she despised the most: DeAndre Wesley. Not only was he the Director of finance of Fase, and voted Most Eligible bachelor under 35, but was also the son of said company's chairman and the most obnoxious person she had ever met in her life. And he was obsessed with her, but the only person she wanted was his assistant's assistant who was ordered to spy on her. What will happen when they all learn the truth


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