Tame the Mafia (Book III of the Brancaccio)

Yui Ismutomo Romance

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Book III of the Brancaccio ---- > Vincent Brancaccio, the heir of the Genesees, a womanizer who gets his way with woman, never knew the feeling of being rejected. Until one woman who is her sister best friend said 'no' to him and drive him crazy.

Brianna is an orphan who was rescued by Charlotte and the Genesees after being kidnap for almost 2 years. She never thought that the sweet and nice Charlotte have a brother like Vincent, a man who has power and dangerous aura that remind her of her captor and that's why she try to avoid him. But like they said, the devil have a way to their victim not only with their looks but also with his sneaky way and Vincent sure has the looks that even Brianna can't ignore.

What will happen when the fate decide to intervene their lives?

This is the last story of the Brancaccio family.


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