Trapped by the Beast

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He strokes himself as his eyes meet mine
"Open your mouth " he orders me
and I try to push him
"No " I scream out loud
but he p my hand above my head
"Do it or else I'm going to ride you bare .Whichever idea is better for you "
If I could have cursed ,I would have cursed the day he was born
Mr.Dominic King
The first time I met him on the plane , his soft hazel eyes on mine felt like he was the one
It was a heaven far from home , chasing your freedom and your prince.
It felt love, still feels like love
"I do " the words still runs in my mind ,like a mantra
those vows he made , the promises he made
soon turned into a dust
The guy I fell in love, a careless innocent lover Nick turned to be Mr.King
Mr.Dominic King or should I call a beast?
it's his revenge, it's his game plan, it's his game room
and me ?
his toy
Sometimes destiny has own plans for us , whole his life he waited for the opportunity to get his hands on her and finally he did
he deceived her
he used her
he abused her and finally claimed her
he faked love, faked feelings to get her trapped
but when she did, all his masks where down
The beast , he knows it's a sin but he also knows he is going to be a sinner but he doesn't care .
It's his revenge , it's his filthy games
and she ?
his victim
Note : Story is an adult matured romantic novel
isn't a fairy tale romance
it conta abuse ,sexual content and domestic violence


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