Daddy's Princess

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The gentle touch from those she holds dear seemed like a distant memory. She has been abused by the only living relative she knew, even by the man she thought would save her from the iron hands of her father.

Emila Brunner is the daughter of a rich businessman who had betrothed her to someone she hasn't met. Despite knowing that she's engaged, she still found love but was betrayed when the man she thought who loved her would also hurt. Getting beaten by her father wasn't enough, she stayed with her overly jealous boyfriend in hopes that he would change as he promised.

However, the change that she has been waiting for came when Emila met Adam Duncan—the man her father betrothed to her who's rich, good looking, and is currently famous in the corporate world for being aggressive and effective CEO of a group of companies that continues to grow under his management.

Adam had abruptly taken her away from the pain, promising that she will be taken care of in a way that she did not expect.

She became his Princess and he became her Daddy.

Due to Adam's gentleness, Emilia had completely trusted herself to her fiancé. She's introduced to a lifestyle she'd easily fall in love with and will become a part of her. He would not only take care of her in ways she never thought anyone could ever do but he will also help her grow into a woman with confidence and develop her full potential.

However, everything is not always rainbows and unicorns for this princess and her daddy.


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