Tame Me If You Can(Complete)

Steph Romance

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"Mrs. Coner, I, by no means, want to disrespect your grief, but I find it interesting that you waited so long to bring justice to your father."

Mr.Lester rise up and objects. He is not allowed to make allusion, he is only allowed to ask questions. The judge accepts the objection and ask Alan to stop. But it's too late.

"I will still like to answer." I say.

"Permission granted."

"It passed so much time since my father's death. I took my time, to bury him, to sit next to my grieving mother's hospital bed, to bury her too and then to try to heal. Maybe I would have found the truth faster, but I guess it was a good strategy that the murderer's son took advantage of my pain and try to distract me" And I say the las words with my eyes catching his. "By any means."

This is how our love ended up. Used in a game of power and destruction in a cold courtroom."

Erica's life is in pieces. She lost everything with her mother's death and her father's bankruptcy and suicide. Until one day when fate takes her to meet Alan Parker.
Illegally hot.
And... punched in the nose by Erica.
Regardless of their problematic first meeting, he offers her the job she needed. And she says... Yes. She needs money and he wants her.
But will their messed up love stand a chance in front of the chaos in their hearts?


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