Azeed The Paladin Swordsman

Grinn Azeed Fantasy

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Azan Reed is a normal office worker that have a night habit of gaming till 9pm, and after the final update of his favorite MMORPG, he was transported to a fantasy World of Axuuhh, different from the game, together with his Game character, mansion, skill and status, and all his items.

He also have his servants with him, but the continent he is in is only a decimal of what the World of Axuuhh really is, and now he ventures the World of Axuuhh as Azeed Anima.

The World of Axuuhh, where the lives of different races, beings and Gods and Demigods that rule over the World, and lives almost like a king, worshipped like a Deities, but that's the outside world, the Continent of Axuuhh, was dubbed the peaceful continent, and the outside people are forbidden to enter, due the Magic of the Past Hero of Axuuhh protecting the Continent.

After Azeed got transported to the Continent of Axuuhh, he ventures outside the Continent, outside where anyone in the continent thinks either a forbidden land or even nonexistent, and he will discover the true nature of the World of Axuuhh.


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