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The year 14000 BC heralded some of the dumbest events ever that defined an era, and which would forever change our present dispensation.

During that era was an ancient prophecy, that there would someday be born in a little village, a child, at about the time of an eclipse of the sun. He shall be of an evil seed, and he would cast a shadow upon the world. Years upon years though went by, without anything to make of the prophecy.

HOWEVER, came the year 14000 BC, and would begin the hour of reality. A mother gave birth to a mysterious little baby that came out devouring her very intestines at the birth: Such agony, such horror. There was no gaaying that the dreaded day had finally come. To nib the spread of evil in the bud, the villagers led by their priest decided to cast the baby back into the outer darkness from whence it came.

But unfortunately the darkness didn’t swallow him, but brood him into the evil Lord Dregg who returned as the most vicious nemesis to ever befall humanity. As a result of his unnatural birth, he returned with an offensive to destroy every element of Nature, and replace it with an evil reign of abnormality and gloom.

He successfully carried out his campaign until he came to a little town of Mondrass. There he met with his only true resistance. For king Zein and his people would never bow to the rule of darkness.

Relive captivating moments of tears and joys; humor and bitterness; ups and downs, which keeps you glued as you revel along, page after page, in the dumbest journey ever, of the feud of all time that almost collapsed the earth. Welcome to the Mask of Witness.


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