You're Mine, Remember?

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After wasting 2 years in Juvenile home, Nidhi Singh gets the biggest shock of her life that her father has died of cancer and has left a lot of property for her. She was emotionless at the point and she knew now that she was all alone and had to lead her life without a family.

As she had been in Juvenile home, she had to leave the country and move to a different state to pursue her further studies. So she moves to Mumbai. But one thing which enraged her was when she got to know that her father had already enrolled in College under Engineering which she clearly despises and he clearly knew she wanted to be an artist.

Not having any choice she decides that she will surely try to get rid of this nightmare come what may.

And so with a mind-blowing plan on her mind, she enters College. And on the first day only she comes across a very pitiable situation when she witnesses a Bad boy Mudit Khandelwal ragging some innocent people.
And not any other person but he is bullying her fellow roommate and a bunch of people around him tead of stopping him are enjoying the scene. This scene enrages her and what happens next is a sight to watch.

What happens when his next target happens to be Rekha Singh as she raises her voice agat his Bullying ??
And his plans of bullying her backfires when she bullies him tead?

One Bully meets another Bully, where the Bully is bullied himself.
What more can happen beeen the o of them?
Unrequited Love?

Who says only Boys have obsession.? Girls do have it.


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