Forgetting Her Mafia Lover

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"Gaea, you shouldn't provoke me," the woman was picked up horizontally by the man, a throw on the bed, just been the rain hit the clothes slightly wet, long black hair is constantly dripping water, the woman's white dress is torn.

A man stood up, heavy head into the deepest part of the woman, mixed with the sound of rain outside the window issued a "patter" of licentious sound.

"Gaea, I love you." the man sighed contentedly..

"It hurts, please let me go, let me go..."She felt a sharp pain in her lower body and tried to push the man away from her, but could not break free

The man's thing was like a knife blade, pounding into her body, again and again, pushing deeper and harder, stirring and rubbing agat her body.

"Look at me. I want you to look at me. I want you to look at me."The man reached out and kneaded the woman's pit, forcing her to look at him.

" Really good pain ." The woman was so in pain that her eyes felt tight.

"Do you have felt my pain? You run away again and again, have you ever thought how much pain I have? Why did you leave me? 'The man growled, not forgetting the movement beneath him, eager to prove that the woman beneath him was his and deserved his and that no one could take it from him.

The woman opened her beautiful eyes and looked at the man on her. She could not see his face in the darkness of the room.

At this moment, the woman only feels that the man is a demon, why she would provoke this demon.

The man was dissatisfied with her daze, suddenly heavy bite her mouth corner, immediately, a sweet blood smell filled in the mouth.



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