Bride of The sea master

Rony Bella Fantasy

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Sarah looked at her new born baby boy then looked to her husband in fear and said:
" What are you?"
The last words she was able to say after what she saw then darkness took her
Sarah is beautiful poor girl lives with her small happy family. at 16 years old appear in her small house a strange man to ask her for marriage
Mr. Adam Blue the handsome billionaire with the most beautiful eyes she have ever saw who will change her life completely and take her to different world.
after nine months marriage secrets will discovered
Unbelievable secrets
She thought the change in her social state only but the change was in every thing even the world she live and the air she breathe
In world built in the last place she imagined she will live her life will continue and her future as the queen to this world
With her king husband and crown prince baby boy


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