The Vampire's Witch

Jane Knight Paranormal

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Star turned to lean her back agat the vampire's chest, he wrapped a possessive arm around the witch's shoulders as she reached a hand out towards the quiet wolf. She pulled him closer to the o of them by his shirt, Will put his hand on his hip and helped the witch bring him in closer.

The vampire leaned his head over the redhead's shoulder to pull the wolf into a kiss, the redhead shifted beeen the o men rubbing her legs together. Being beeen them as they kissed was doing things to her libido that she hadn't experienced yet.

The wolf pulled back smelling the redhead's arousal, he growled low in his throat before moving to kiss her as well. The kiss wasn't like the chaste innocent kiss they had shared before, it was hungry and demanding and she swooned for the wolf at that moment. She felt that she would have fallen if the vampire behind her hadn't been holding her up.


Star arrives home into the apocalypse, she and her vampire mate Will set off to the safety of his Sire with their werewolf friend Zane. Will they be safe or will there be dangers lurking behind the facade of protection.


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