His Ruthless Desire

Aliza Jabri Romance

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Malik Taimur Jahan was destined to become the next ruler of Azmaayir. He was the most ruthless and charismatic man on Earth. A billionaire Prince with a business empire all around the world. After the betrayal of his fiance, there was no place for a relationship in his life. Until he met Eva. He never dreamt he will fall for a girl ever in his life. The more he resisted his emotions the more he was attracted to her. And when he finally gave up resistance and acknowledged his feelings for he found out that she was an Interpol Operative spying on him. Will, he let her go? Or will he punish her in vengeance for the betrayals he received from her s*x?

Eva Smith is living a colorless loveless life after the death of her fiance. She is working as a Spy in the Intelligence Service of her country. She is an asset for her country, successfully carrying out spy operations around the world. Until she is given the task of spying on the Ruthless Billionaire Prince Malik Taimur Jahan. A supposed mafia and the kingpin of the organization RRH. What will happen when she falls for the Prince? The man who was responsible for the death of her fiance Robb. Will he marry her and make her the luckiest girl in the world? Or will he punish her after finding the truth about her profession?

Someone has been planning Taimur's destiny all along. What effect does his plan have on Eva and Taimur's relationship? Will it tear them apart? Will Taimur ascend the throne or will he end up getting killed?

Get on board for a roller coaster ride into the world of Azmaayir. Filled with the sheer emotions of love, hate, passion, jealousy. and betrayals.


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