Boyfriend's cheating signals and cool ways to respond
Dreame | 2020-06-03 06:38:38
Cool girls never cry for Mr. Wrong and always move on!

Dear girls, while it's heartbreaking to see your boyfriend cheat on you, cool girls need to be proactive. Cheating and responding to cheating is a cat-and-mouse game full of confrontation and skill. Now in Dreame's award-winning book Hidden Hybrid Angel, learn some of your boyfriend's cheating signals and coping strategies.

Signal 1 He is always busy and even misses your anniversary

I was riding my car way back home when my phone rang. I saw the caller's name and it was my sweet Daniel, I felt an excitement rush through my veins because I was thinking he's very excited to celebrate our day together. I then slid the green button to answer my sweet Daniel.

"Hello, love?"

"Love, I'm so sorry that I can't make it today in our anniversary." He said in a very husky tone which made me think weirdly.

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked willing to hear his reason.

I mean I am not that had to talk about some important occasions if it really needs a rush appointment setting, what I mostly care is his priorities than mine because I know we can easily schedule to another day.

Signal 2 His excuses always suck, and he's afraid to let you test them.

"Grandma was sent to the hospital I need to see mom and dad." He said.

"Oh okay take care okay? maybe I'll go visit tomorrow." 

"No love it's alright, I mean she'll be okay soon, no need to tire yourself." 

Signal 3 He often disappears for no reason, doesn't answer the phone and messages.

I closed my eyes before getting out of bed and pray for those lost souls I keep on dreaming with and when I felt okay that's when I started to get ready for the day.

I tried to call Daniel but he was not answering at all, I didn't even receive any messages from him yesterday.

I wonder what happened?

Signal 4 He's dating another girl alone, and you don't know it.

"Whatever you Daniel can't cheat with me." 

Dr. Athena instantly pauses and looked awkwardly at me which is weird. I know when she make faces like that there is something wrong.

"Actually I really wanted to tell you this." She started and somehow my heart erotically beats fast.

"What do you mean you wanted to tell me?"

Then she handed her phone to me showing a picture of a man and a woman kissing each other in a restaurant I used to go. 

I don't know what to react or say but it clearly show a picture of Daniel with someone I don't recognize who?

My hands were instantly shaking in fear and anger seeing this picture makes me want to explode and scream!


Response 1 Show evidence of infidelity and don't believe any of his explanations

Grabbing my phone I threw it to him showing his picture that is kissing another girl.

I saw how his face turned pale and stood shock that I completely figured it out.

"Andrea I can explain!"

"Shut that explanation of your how dare you to cheat on me after all this years!" 

"Andrea what you're thinking is wrong!"

"Bloody curse on you Daniel and now you dare to lie at me! Just tell me the truth! Who is that girl!" 

"Andrea I-"

"Who is she?!" I angrily yelled and he let out a heavy breath before answering.

"Her name is Jane, she's my work mate." He said and I screamed out of disappointment.

"How dare you Daniel!" I continuously say.

"I gave you everything! But why?" I cried and he pulled me to lock in his arms saying sorry.

Response 2 End the relationship and throw him out like garbage

"I don't know what has gotten into you but I thank the heavens I didn't ended up with a miserable man like you, get a life Daniel, stop minding my business go to hell with you new girl!" I said which made him shock because he knew I never acted this way before.


"Stop chasing me Daniel, I don't need you anymore." I remarkably said and together with Eric left him there. 

Response 3 Keep moving on and finding Mr. Right

Instead of commenting he took his handkerchief and wiped my tears that I didn't even noticed fell from my eyes. He then took his keys and pulled me into his car which had the most amazing scent I had ever smell. 

"Where are we going?" I asked him.

"Somewhere you need to think of freely." He answered and I thought of some place where I used to be happy going when I'm sad. 

"We still have an hour so think of a place you want to go anything just don't ever go back to that bar again." He said which my smile turned into a glare.

"Will you stop making me recall the stupidity I've made? Just drive I know someplace good and relaxing." I said irritated. 

Cool girls, cheating men are just like trash, and you need to believe that you deserve a better man. Be brave like Andrea in Hidden Hybrid Angel and you will meet your Mr. Right.